MCDM’s Kingdoms & Warfare lets players raise armies and go to war. For this project, I donned a suit of shining plate and followed Lead Designer Matthew Colville into the fray with his original rules for warfare in D&D 5th Edition. I worked alongside talented designers such as Celeste Conowitch, Gabe Hicks, James Introcaso, Makenzie De Armas, and Sam Mannell to create adventuring organizations, enemy realms, magic items, and world-ending foes for this exciting new system.

One Cool Thing

In the creature section of this book, I was tasked with designing two absolute chonkers, both in terms of physical might and challenge rating. One of them was Cthrion Uroniziir, a CR 29 time dragon who consumes entire worlds and melds them together in a cataclysmic churning contained within her demiplanar stomach. She also has cosmic breath. So yeah, that was pretty awesome. Ain’t she a beaut?