Hellbound Heists is a 287-page adventure collection featuring nine heist-theme adventures set in each of the Nine Hells lead by Bryan Holmes. I contributed to this project as a writer, editor, and illustrator.

My adventure, “6:66 to Mephistar,” is a Tier 4 train robbery set in Cania, the Eighth Hell. Designing this hilariously macabre high-level adventure was an enjoyable challenge that had me giggling as I typed. The adventure opens outside a train station on the Nargus Glacier, where shivering, unfortunate souls wait in a mile-long ticket line, hoping that the frozen corpses ahead of them will perish from wind erosion soon.

One Cool Thing

In “6:66 to Mephistar,” the freight cars aboard Mephistopheles’ Baatorian-green-steel locomotive, the Canian Hellfire Limited, can be customized by the DM to interest and/or challenge their players. My favorite is the memory car, where characters may absorb the memories of another creature who traded them in an infernal pact.