This 84-page supplement aims to be the definitive guide to the iconic library fortress in D&D, updated for 5th Edition. I co-led this project with Anthony Joyce and spearheaded lore-heavy aspects such as introduction, chapters two and three, and the lore in the bestiary. Collecting, reconciling, and adding to the lore was an enjoyable challenge made possible by none other than the creator of the Forgotten Realms himself, Ed Greenwood, who both consulted and wrote for this project.

Speaking of our team. Check out all these awesome folks who made this supplement possible!

Our Team

Lead Designers: Justice Arman, Anthony Joyce
Designers: Trevor Armstrong, M.T. Black, Jeremy Forbing, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Ed Greenwood
Editor: Laura Hirsbrunner
Graphic Designer: Gordon McAlpin
Cover and Interior Art: Bob Greyvenstein
Cartography: Marco Bernardini
Creative Consultants: Teos Abadía, Enrique Bertran, M.T. Black, and Ed Greenwood

One Cool Thing

It’s impossible to talk about Candlekeep without mentioning its many towers, which have been cited as being so numerous that they obscure one another, making it impossible to get an accurate count! Not surprisingly, mapping the library fortress was a challenging endeavor, but Marco Bernardini knocked it out of the park with his overhead map of the Castle of Tomes as it stands in 5th Edition D&D. If you’d like to just purchase the high-resolution map, you can do so here.