Oath of the Aesir Out Now!

Today marks the release of my paladin subclass, Oath of the Aesir. I’m really excited about this release for a few reasons. The first is that I love Norse mythology, obviously. I’m the Norse DM for a reason, after all. It feels good to release a Norse product, and after some of my current projects, I plan to release a few more small ones like this. I’ll likely do a bundle later.

The other reason is that this feels like my first real product on the DMs Guild. When I wrote Heart Hunt, it was for my home game. I have a tradition of running a spooktacular adventure each Halloween for my players. It’s my favorite holiday, and the group loves it. When I finished writing Heart Hunt, I decided to throw it in Natural Crit’s Homebrewery and put it up on the Guild as Pay What You Want (PWYW).

I forgot about it for, like, 6 months. Then I logged in one day for M.T. Black’s one-page adventure contest, and saw I had money in there. Almost fifty bucks! I thought it was a mistake at first. Then I saw I got something like 1350 downloads, and of those 90 people had paid me for my writing. Me! Paid for writing! It’s not a lot of money, but something about it felt really good. I felt validated as a creator. So, I decided to get more serious about my writing. I’m on a number of projects right now, but this small release is the first thing I’ve released since Heart Hunt (which, at the time of writing this, has a Silver sales medal!) on the Guild.

It’s a small product, sure. It’s $1. I’ve got a full .pdf preview as well, at the suggestion of another creator. That way others can review my work and see if they feel it’s worth supporting. But hey, it’s a step in the “write” direction.

I’m writing more and more once I get home from work. I usually do a quick workout, then out comes the laptop. My wife – she is an extremely hardworking teacher – jokes, “Is this what it’s like to be married to a teacher?” to which I immediately reply, “Yes! But I love you.” I’m really enjoying it. I find the work very fulfilling, and I’m really excited for what’s in store over the next few months.

The layout (including the awesome classical piece of Thor by ) was done by Tom Cantwell, https://twitter.com/BeskarTom.

Thanks for reading! Please do give it a look. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Justice, the Norse DM
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